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Question about my Size


Im brand new to the site. Im 5'6 I weigh 158 as of today. I have been working out on and off for the past few years. Reasons being: death of family members messed me up for a bit as well as strenuous jobs that tired me out by the end of the day. Its not a good enough excuse but it is what it is. My question is this. Im 5'6 with 13% body fat. I have 16.25 inch bicepts. Is that a good size or am I small?

Also I never touched actual weights, I have only used a bowflex and bands. I know everyone diss's the hell out of the bowflex and what not but im just asking for your opinion on the size of my arms not what i work out on. Thanks Everyone who answers my question.

(in the pic im on the right)





The only good thing I can say about a Bowflex, if you did that with a Bowflex, helloooooooo sailor.

Dont worry, that was as gay as it gets from me.

Could be interesting what you could achieve with some real weights.


I'd say, you have decent arms. ( no Homo ) I'd also say you already think highly of yourself. ( judging from your Avatar )


Fruit Loops.

  1. Your arms look big
  2. Your BF is higher than 13%
  3. You avatar looks a lot better now
  4. I edited this post to reflect my newfound beliefs.
  5. Your boys elbow is across the endline. Beerpong fault.


lolol yea i know my avatar is lame haha and also about the beer pong, we were playing in the world pong tournament and your able to lean over the table as much as you want.... which i hated, i thought was a horrible rule. but oh well. i deff gotta switch up my avatar haha


oh and i think its higher as well, i used my friends body fat calculator thing.. the one you hold in your hand and it does whatever, and thats what it said. I think its off.


There is a beer pong league?

There are rules?

There is a world championship!?!

If the Germans ever get wind of this you are fucked.


well sort of a league. its more like a giant tournament.
rules are horrible with full lean, kids were legit knocking their own cups over thats how far they were leaning.
i dunno what the extent of world represents championship lol i think it was just the name haha
and ze germans would put up one hell of a fight haha, but i dunno if they could take americas best, ive seen kids go game after game with out giving the other team a shot. but who knows lol


Lol at this paragraph. Why even bring up the Bowflex if you don't want anyone commenting on it?


Because people will ask for a general training background.


*proper fucked


You look pretty solid. Do you have any specific goals like strength, physique, combination of the two?

Oh yeah, for future reference- all evaluation pics should include a shoe. No wrestling shoes either, they skew all of the relevant metrics.




Lol, that was fast.

If you are in fact, not a troll, please post a picture in better lighting. It's amazing what shadows and a tight t-shirt can do. Also, its biceps, not bicepts. How often do you train?


Pick a weight up over your head and press it for four hours then do some jaggerbombs!


How did you escape from Jersey?


what size is your shirt...smedium?

I kid I kid....


You look about as big as the guy in the camo hat...

Hope this is helps.