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Question About My Routine

Hi folks !

Been lurking on here a while and thought it was time I asked a question…
Been searching the forums and Q and A sections etc, but would like to ask a specific question regarding my planned routine if thats ok…?

Been training a couple of years but never had a regular training partner hence sporadic progress…I’m 48 years young ( ! ) 5’ 9" and 80kg.

Pretty lean, with just a bit of stubborn fat round my middle…41" chest, 33" waist

Diet is pretty clean ( we all say that don’t we !) and is usualy around 3000 cals a day with 200g protein.

My proposed routine is a push/pull type routine but with shoulders on leg day ( I have a bit of shoulder impingement, and also a fairly fragile back hence no deads in there )

Flat dumbell bench,
Incline bench
Pec deck machine ( or flyes )
Weighted dips,
Tricep pushdowns,
Dumbell tricep curls.

Leg curls,
Hamstring curls,
Shoulder press,
Lateral raises,


Weighted chins,
Rows (single arm or chest supported)
Lat pulldowns,
EZ bar curls,
Dumbell curls,

As for Tuesday

As for Monday

Cardio and abs on off day and weekends…

Any thoughts/criticisms most welcome…

PS, for what it’s worth, I can bench much better with dumbells…( 38kg for sets of 6 to 8,… crap, I know ) than with a straight bar, as they only have a Smith machine for “barbell” bench in my gym.

Thanks in advance…