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Question about my Routine


I am 6'4 and about 195 lbs. I have been working out for about 15 months now and I recently started a split-day routine. My split-day routine was as follows:

Day 1: chest and triceps
Day 2: back and biceps
Day 3: shoulders and legs

However, I've decided I want to build my chest up more, so I've decided to incorporate a fourth day, so I work my chest twice a week:

Day 1: chest and triceps
Day 2: back and biceps
Day 3: chest and thighs
Day 4: shoulders and hamstrings

Would this be a good idea? What is more effective: working your chest twice a week, or merely once? I was thinking about applying this concept to the rest of my body as well (next I will work my biceps twice a week instead of my chest), so is this a good idea, or does it defeat the purpose of a split-day routine?

Any input would be great. Thanks.


I don't know. NO ONE knows. Not even you. But do you know how you'll find out? By giving it a try.

No one can tell you if its too much.I understand this is your first post, but what ever happened to trial and error?

You can get as many posts and responses as you want, but NO ONE will be able to give you a real answer.


at 6'4 and 195lbs, you don't need to focus on any one muscle group.

What did you weigh 15 months ago when you started working out...?


i started working out last august, but I wasn't going very hard or getting enough protein (i wasn't taking it very seriously). I just started going hard about six months ago and have gained about 25 lbs. When i started 15 months ago i was probably about 165. I also lost about 5 lbs. this past weekend because I had the flu.


r u saying i shouldnt be on a split-day routine?


No, I'm saying you don't need to be giving extra attention to any particular muscle groups since you still just need to fill out your frame.

The 3-day split you've been doing looks perfectly fine. Of course I dont know how you are actually working out, so there may be some glaring flaw there, but in general its fine as long as you're making progress.

If you're looking for a change I'd say either cycle the 3-way for more frequency to all the muscle groups, or split off the shoulders day...

But honestly the best thing you can do is to keep things as simple as possible.

Keep up the weight gain and keep eating 300 grams of protein everyday. If you can do that, then half the battle is won. The other half is doubling the weight you're repping out with for the basic exercises. Good job so far.


300 grams of protein a day?! Damn! I always hear that it is a gram of protein per pound of body weight--is this incorrect? I get about 200 grams of protein a day...


The other glaring problem with your split is that it really doesn't mean much to say:

day 1: chest and tris
day 2: back and ankles
day 3: teeth and knees

For a few reasons:

A) nobody [or at least a few people] knows how many times you repeat this 3 day split in a week. how many days rest between? are there days repeated? this is just the titles of three random days.

B) no one [or at least 2+ individuals] has any idea what "chest and tri's" means to you. Is it lifts that involve both the chest and tri's at the same time all the time? Is it chest lifts and then tri lifts in that order? who knows. what kind of day is this?

C) similar to "B," we dont know what the fuck you're doing on those days. you could be doing all kinds of dumb random shit all day long and be able to train chest 10 times a week because you are only doing body blade flies, pec dec and flexing in the mirror.

Give us an idea as to your lifts, workload, intensity [as in % or rm per set] and rest. After that we might better be able to give you any relevant advice.

And also, as stated, there is only one way to truly know, do it. If you think your program is hard core then add the volume and see how it goes. that is what training logs are for.

But try not to roll up and ask questions like "Should I bulk or cut? I dont know anything about how my body is composed but I look kinda like chester cheeto from the bag of cheese puffs."



The general consensus among most bodybuilders is that 1g per pound of bodyweight is the MINIMUM you should be taking in, 1.5grams per pound is optimal for natural guys, and 2grams or more per pound of bodyweight is recommended for guys taking anabolic steroids.


I'd say 2 grams/lb of bodyweight even for naturals... At least if you want to get past the 210-230 lb "stripper" look at average height and without getting fat.


hint: it helps to take in 75-100 grams of protein in your post-workout shake alone.


in regards to protein drinks, is it a bad idea to get most of your protein from them? if i need to get 300 grams of protein a day, it would be easiest to just down 4 protein drinks a day (in addition to food, of course)...


I'd like to you getting at least 150 grams of protein every day from meat, eggs, and milk. The protein shakes do help a lot, I personally can't get enough protein without two shakes a day.