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Question About My Program. Is It Worth Doing?


So coach i want your opinion on these full body program i’m about to start, does it seem legit program is

squat 4x5
bench 4x5
deadlift 4x5
pendlay row 4x5

workout 2
squat 4x5
ohp 4x5
power clean 4x5
chin ups weighted 4x5

you train every other day 1-rest-2-rest-1-rest-2rest…

sorry for bad english i would be really gratefull for any kind of oppinions:)


How do you plan to progress ?


everytime i can do 4x5 with certain weight i ad 5-10lbs(2.5-5kg)


I will advice you to not squat and deadlift on the same day.Also go lower on the rep scheme of deadlifts like 2x5 or 1x5.Squatting and deadlifting so often on the same day will make your CNS impossible to recover.


Squatting and deadlifting on the same day is per se not a problem but to give you any helpful input CT and the other members need way more information. You have posted a plan but we don’t know what’s your goal or how experienced you are with lifting weights.


goal is to get more strenght and mass but i know you cant get both optimaly same time so strenght.i been lifting 3-4years but progression has been stalled.and its not because i dont eat enough.i can squat 2x own weight deadlift 2.2x own weight
and bench 1.5x own weight own weight is only 65kg… and i’m 168cm. and 18years so pretty small and weak…


Do me a favor and track your calories for a couple of days. Weight everything and do not eat more than usually… You’ll probably notice that you have been eating way too little.
What do you do then?
Well, you add calories, simple as that


i’eat 3000 calories day.and before i started eating right i weighted 55kg.and what i heard and read the 3000 calories should be enough for guy my size correct me if i’m wrong. when i said i’ve hit a wall i meant that i m not getting strenght anymore. sorry for bad english and thanks for all replyes


I would guess this plan of yours is only doable for a short time period if you train every session hard and heavy.
Your trainings program consist of only big exercises and not a single isolation exercise. When you are not a muscular balanced lifter this can lead to problems since you can’t correct your weakness. Getting stronger is all about fixing weaknesses. This means your weakest muscle group will hold you back but with your plan you can’t fix it.
You also need to understand that the more muscle mass you have the bigger is your strenght potential. You have written that you are small so building muscle will help you.

I would recommend that you pick a program here on tnation and follow it until you get more experience. It also sounds like you could need more food ?