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Question about My New Cycle...

I am 23, 6,3" 235lb and around 14%bf. I am interested in starting a cycle for the first time in order to put on some muscle and hopefully lean up a lttle as well. Next week I will be starting on the following:

1cc sustanon 250 per week for 10 weeks
1cc deca per week for 6 weeks
after week six I will be taking some kind of pill (cant remember the name but it will be once a day) in order to block estrogen and help my body to start re-producing natural test. And continue to take them 3-4 weeks after the cycle.

Does this sound like a good cycle to you guys? I don’t know much about it so im looking for any info I can get, thanks in advance

Um no it doesn’t look good, not good at all

Please. Don’t.

Some kind of pill?..at this point i stopped reading. DONT do it, devote some time to research then come back with a cycle. (I really cant figure out whos trolling and not anymore)