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Question About My Blood Test Results


I recently went to a doctor and had blood drawn to see what going on with my test levels. The results seem odd to me. All over the internet it seems like 300-1000 is the normal range of total testosterone.

My levels came back at 193. The doctor said this is normal. I looked at the scale range they go by and it is 160-726 for a healthy male adult. Does anyone else go by this range scale?


That range includes healthy 80 YO males. That low end is very low, not seen that before.


Yes that level is very low..The next question you need to ask your self is why? I have so many young guys that come to me on TRT because the dr did not investigate why. Once you start asking the right question is plain obvious that the dr's where too lazy in the first place. I simple as the guys do you want to be on TRT for rest of your life or do you want to be able to potentially function on your own. If you feel like crap on TRT then why not look to other options. If you felt good I say the choice is yours, but majority of them feel it was wrong in the first place. Next question I ask what does your gut tell you? One needs to look at adrenal, thyroid, and other hidden stressors ranging from biological, lifestyle, to nutrition, emotional, environmental and mental aspect. Proper hormone testing is essential from a good DR who knows their stuff and you feel confident in.


thanks for the help. The blood test was also done at 2:30pm and I had worked out at around 10:30am that morning. I am going to reschedule and have the test done early in the morning without working out before hand. I have been feeling great lately and im in the gym with a lot of energy so I dont know how this test could be accurate.