Question About Morning Walks

What`s your opinion on this.

Regular guy eats proteins, carbs and fats at his last meal before bed.
My last meal consists of only proteins and fat.

As the morning walks should be at a minimum of 30-45 min to drain the bodys glucose storage/liver before hitting the heaviest fatburning mode that I want, I was thinking, IF Im not eating carbs before bed, shouldn`t my body be pretty much drained already in the morning before I do my walk? Ie shorten the time or something.

And I don`t drink any proteins before either, if I was to to so, whey or casein?
Please enlighten me!

If there is an article that I couldn`t find please point me to it.


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Thanx bro!

At one time I got up at 5:30P and did 20 minutes on my ski machine. Worked really well for me. Between that a great diet, weights and al the right supplements I peeled weight off at ab out 50 slbs sin 90 days. Plus the body fat test whowed that I had increased lean body weight.