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Question About 'Mirror Muscles' Program

Hey guys I am thinking of trying out this program here

Firstly, has anyone here tried the program? How were your results?

Secondly, under walking dumbbell lunges it says this
“Make sure to load it heavy and work one leg at a time. In other words, do 6 reps with one leg, rest 45 seconds, and then do 6 reps with the other leg.”
But you can’t do each leg separately with walking DB lunges, can you? So is this just a mistake or are we supposed to do a different type of lunge?

Thanks for any help.

^ It must just be a typo or something.

From the description it sounds like he means this:


You just step out with one leg and then return to the starting position. Repeat. You’re correct that you can’t really do each leg separately while doing walking DB lunges… lol

could you just walk with your left foot first on each step…doing 6 reps with the left leg only, then do the same for the right?

also why are you doing this program? Answer that and then assess if this is the right option for you.

Lastly, is this program designed to be by itself…2 days of just lowerbody/chain work? Why is this in the bodybuilding section if so… will you be doing any upper body work?

I’m doing this program because it looks like it can build some serious strength, and Cressey’s programs always produce results. Second day already has reverse lunges so maybe I should just do regular walking lunges instead of forward lunges (so 6/side i.e. 12 reps per set). One of my most hated exercises!

For upper body I’m planning on using the thing here for bench press

and some assistance exercises, and plenty of pulling exercises. That bench program is the only thing that has improved my bench press in almost a year, so I want to run it one more time, since I can surely get more from it.