Question About Mini Cutter/Bloat Reduction

Okay, so here’s the deal guys. I have been on a 500 mg/week sust cycle for the last 7 weeks. So far I have gained around 16 pounds (awesome!) but I have a beach “event” coming up in around 3 weeks that I would like to get a little leaner for.

What I was planning on doing was simply reducing to a no carb (still with vegetables, greens plus) diet ala Berardi for the next 3 weeks along with starting to run some A-dex and or Nolva to reduce any water retention I might have.

Thus far I have not been using any AI and have not noticed any gyno. My question is this, should I just use the A Dex? How much and for how long to get rid of any water retention? Any other bright ideas to drop a couple % bodyfat? I just want to harden up a little for this event. Thanks in advance.

I woudlnt expect there to be all that much bloat at 500 mg per week. With your change in diet as well as adding in more protien and the proper fats you should be able to get to the leaness you are looking for.
Add in some light cardio such as walking on a treadmill at a high level of incline to make the results more dramatic.
Adding in the adex with such a low dose of test may acutally hinder your gains.
See Ya

Thanks for the reply man. I have not experienced really any bloat, so that sounds like good advice. Thanks again.