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Question About Metabolic Drive Complete


I see in the store it has under the product 50% more servings.I click on the product facts and it has 15 servings per bottle.Isnt this the same serving size it had when it first hit the shelves or has the facts just not been updated?

Or is it that it had only 7 and a half when it first came out?Never taken this before but think that it would save prep time from me adding extra shit like yougurt to my regular Metabolic Drive shakes.

Thanks in advance


50% more servings means the original # of servings per tub was 10 if it is now at 15.

I was not aware of the 'more servings' note.

And if adding a few TBSP of yogurt qualifies as 'prep time' for you, I have to question how you go about your nutrition in general. No offense :slightly_smiling:

Personally, I think Metabolic Drive Complete has a better consistency and is sweeter because there are more carbs. However, I bet a little xantham gum and some greek yogurt from Trader Joe's would be good with Low-Carb Metabolic Drive.


This is correct. Metabolic Drive Complete originally had 10 servings per bottle.

I was thrilled when they increased it since this is my favorite protein drink.


Hmmm,I'm using that fuzzy math.Anyways,thanks for the answers.
And Ponce,I'm just a lazy fucker,if the rice blend in the drink soothes my digestive track like yogurt,then thats one less measuring cup I gotta clean up.