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Question about MAX OT Training

There is another unnamed Sports Nutrition company that is promoting MAX-OT training. Skip Lacour says he has been training this way. The basic concept of the training is only do exercises that you can do maximum weight (ie. squats, bench press, straight bar curls, etc.) with about 4-6 reps. You would only do between 8-12 sets per body part one body part per week. Once you go past 6 reps then it is time to move up. The theory behind is that the only way to grow is keep going up in strength and use maximum weight. The only changes you do in the workout is after 8 weeks take a week off and switch up the order of your routine. Has anybody used this type of training? Did it work? What do you think about it?

cjack…hey, buddy. I came across Max-OT last spring and used it for a good 8 to 10 weeks. I made steady progress and was out of the gym in less than an hour. I think it’s a decent program, especially if you’ve been trying at a lower intensity and higher reps for some time. This is probably rehash, but it’s a program just like any other in that it will work and you’ll see progress until you’re body adjusts to it. One thing I’ve learned in my readings lately is that when training in lower rep ranges (ie. 3-5 in this case 4-6) there is an inverse relationship with sets needed. Therefore, you probably need 4-6 sets for maximum stimulation of the IIb fibers. However, the proponents of Max-OT really don’t specify this info. They often suggest just one or two sets of two, three or four exercises. It may work, but science states otherwise.

Anyway, to get back on track, it's a good program in that it could provide your body with a necessary change that could spark growth. Another good thing is if you're predominantly fast-twitch you could see some major growth. No doubt, you'll get stronger. It's also a drastic reduction in volume for most people, so you could see some growth just from the fact that you're giving your body a decreased workload. Observe the rest intervals (3-4 min), get your ass psyched up and lift explosively (to activate IIb fibers). Hope this helps you out. Also, take a look at LaCour's journal entries...you'll notice that he doesn't necessarily use Max-OT guidelines so strictly.

I use this routine as part of a cycle of different routines. After about 4 weeks of Max-OT, I’ll go on to a GVT for 2 weeks (only 2 weeks because I feel that way to much volume for more than 2 weeks). Then I’ll go on to 2 weeks of a powerlifting type routine.

I think Max-OT is definetly my favorite workout because it’s just one bodypart, beat the hell out of it like your life depended on it, and get out. Since there’s not many sets, you don’t overtrain, and each set is furious. It’s quick. You’re not in the gym for more than 40 minutes each.
But… I know Skip trains this way all the time, but I tend to get stale after the fourth week, so I’ll swith to a GVT style, where the higher reps give you the greatest pump. It’s a great contrast after the lower reps.

I've been doing this basically for about 3 years. As far as results, I've gone from 165 to 202. Bench from 155 to 315. No juice, just protein, glutamine, and creatine. I tried nandrosol 2 months ago(first prohormone ever), went up 10 lbs in the bench the first week, and then got the fuckin flu! I ordered some androsol which I'm gonna take for the 2 weeks and see what happens.