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Question About Man Boobs


Ok so I am over weight by about 50 pounds and I life ( only bench 315 right now and I am 300 pounds with some flab. My boobies do NOT SAG in other words I dont have mismatched nipples or sagy tittys like a girl,

Anyways I have tryed a few cycles of sustavol went on a 30 day hiatus than some tren xtreme.

When I poke my nipple straight inward it hurts. I can rub my nips and its fine, a little sensitive but does not hurt unless I poke them inward.

Is this the start of gyno and I should get an estro blocker asap or complete my cycle than go on estro blocker.

Oh I am stacking the tren with tt40.
Thank you in advance.

PS, this is a serious post incase any one has any doubts, I am really worried, I want to NEVER have man tits and am working hard at losing weight.


To start, the compounds you listed are all OTC bodybuilding supplements. They are not steroids. They may have a pro-hormone effect but I cannot say as I don't have experience with them. I do know that most OTC supps are complete shit.

That being said, some of the OTC pro-hormone products can cause gyno. If these products were to raise your testosterone levels your high body fat would lead to increased estrogenic activity. Taking one of the OTC estrogen blockers may help, but again I cannot comment for certain. It certainly can't hurt to try. If it does not work I would suggest ending the cycle, as gyno is permanent.

You are on the right track with losing weight, and the decrease in body fat will help your endocrine system function much better, and it will also decrease the side effects of any AAS you may use.

Forgive me if I haven't answered your questions, but not many people in this forum use these OTC supps, and thus can't adequately comment. You may find better advice in the "Supplements and Nutrition" forum.


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I'd first take some arimidex than think about it.
The fact is that once gyno is there it is hard to get rid of it without surgery.