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Question About Lower Ab Bulge


Hey Coach,
I really would appriciate your help on that. I have a probem regarding my abs for at least the last 8 years now. My lower abdominals do bulge out. No pain, though. And if I contract the abs everything looks okay.

It drives me crazy.
I have tried so much...I stopped eating grains, I almost entirly eat organic food, I stopped eating differend foods, but I just don't get any logical connection to what might causes this bulge.
I am 6"1', 210pounds and now around 8-10% body fat.

I have been to some doctors, I made a gastroscopy and an endoscopy, but everything is fine from medical standpoint. Anyway most doctors don't know shit here in Europe.

I know you are not a medical expert but I thought since you have so much knowledge about nutrition maybe you have an answer to this or have already came across such a problem.

I really have to eat a lot of food, since I guess I have a crazy metabolism and I used to play professional hockey. I used to eat a lot of carbs and protein, almost no fat as it was common, but whenever I noticed the bulge I startet to experiment. Since 10years now, but no result.
Maybe the food is not absorbed well, sometimes I feel on lower carbs it is better, but I used to handle them well when I was younger.

I would be happy if you could just give some hints or thoughts on that.
(And sorry for my english, hope you could somehow understand what I meant).


maybe you have anterior pelvic tilt. some pics would may help. at least it sounds like you may be like me in that my stomach sticks out, but im not fat (10%). it is just a pelvic alignment problem more than anything.

its something that im working on, stretching my hip flexors a lot and working on glute strength and activation as well as thoracic spine mobility. i think it has gotten better because of these things.


I’ve the same issue as whoknows and I’m 24 years old with 8-10% BF. Everything looks good in a t-shirt except for the stomach that sticks out, would be great to hear your input Christian! (Have not noticed a big of a difference if I eat 250 or 350g of carbs daily)


A little while ago, there was an article on an exercise called Vacuum’s. You basically suck your gut in as hard as you can for 3 x 30sec, you should see a difference after a week or two. It work for me, even when I was 5Kg heavier you could see a I look thinner. Search for the article for the full details and variations.