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Question about Limping

I’m sure this has been discussed, but I couldn’t find it. In the second “limping” workout, Ian King proposes a round-backed single-leg deadlift. I have to say, that doesn’t sound right, given what I’ve read about how the back vertabrae strain and the supporting muscles give out when you round your lower back. Also, I assume for the good morning the back should not round?


The Single Leg Deadlift, called the King Deadlift, is usually done with bodyweight only so I don’t think it will really put that much (if any) stress on your back. I recommend trying them out, they are not very easy…

As for the good morning, yes the back is meant to round. Basically you’re goal is to bend over as low as possible, without losing control of the weight of course. In the Russian Deadlift version, the back does not round. He prescribed both of those exercises in Stage 2 of his Get Buffed Book, and they work wonders for the trunk/lower back area. train hard…


It ok to round the back on certain lifts like goodmornings or stiff-legged deadlifts if you don’t go nuts with the weight. Some lifting can has too be done with a roundd back, like barrel & sandbag lifts.

I’ve done single leg deadlifts with 120lb. dumbells and have had no back pain from them…

Thanks for the quick replies. I’ll try it this pm.