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Question about Lifting After Work


So I've been lifting seriously since January using Wendler's 531. I've made great gains and want to continue doing that. Recently, about a month ago, I got a job working at a furniture store. When I work, I am pretty much moving and lifting furniture for at least 5 hours. I was just wondering if it was the best idea to workout right after work, especially legs, since I use them most when moving furniture. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


just continue lifting like you're doing now man.

will it suck at first? yes
will your lifts go down at first? probably
will you eventually adapt and be fine (and a better man because of it)? most definitely


I agree with mazzic on this one. I recently had to change over to 12hr shifts as a security patrolman. Lots of time stuck in a car, and walking around - pretty much non-stop for 12 hours straight.

I kept up with my training though, and it sucked major ass at first. But, after a couple of weeks, you just get used to it. Your body is crazy at adapting to its environment - I think you will be pleasantly surprised in the long run.


And dont forget to eat more.


Don't sweat it. You're body will adapt. Don't slack off in training just because your tired from work (not saying this is what you'd do). Eat a lot, stay hydrated, and sleep well.


Carbs, gatorade, good night sleep and pushing through the hard phase.

And see the sunny side of it: you won't have to spend sooo much time maintaining mobiity-flexibility as someone who works at a desk for 8+hours.

Good luck