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Question about Leg Press Soreness

Hi guys,

I just did a leg day and my one of exercises is using the 45 degree leg press. Just did 5x10 with controlled and explosive reps and my problem is, I feel soreness or tension above the knee area. The image below is for illustration purposes and obviously, it’s not my knees :slight_smile:

Is this normal? When I do leg presses, I don’t go below 90 degrees for legs so it’s like partial or something. My foot stance is a bit narrower than shoulder width.

Please advise.


Lifting weights will make you sore. You’ll know when something doesn’t hurt right. Pump and burn good. Sharp, shooting pain bad.

If you’re not used to doing explosive movements, or the load and volume is not something you’re used to… you might have hurt yourself.

If this is a normal occurrence and it feels fine in a day or two, I wouldn’t make anything of it.

Try playing with foot position. Sounds like you could had your feet too low.

next workout warmdown with 5 mins on the bike at a super gentle pace and then stretch your quads and hamstrings thoroughly

[quote]vorsillion wrote:
I just did a leg day and my one of exercises is using the 45 degree leg press.[/quote]
What did the entire session look like? What makes you think the leg press is the cause?

That’s a pretty close stance and close stances (with squats or leg press) can often exaggerate knee stress, even if you’re using a shortened ROM.