Question About Last Meal of the Day

I usually work out after work, between 7-9ish. I have a PWO shake right away and get home half hour later. There is usually food at home when I arrive and its usually some sort of meat with spices and seasoning.
My question is, is it ok to eat such food that late? Will it affect my conditioning? I’m trying to cut with a well-balanced diet and cardio at least every other day. SHould the pwo shake be the last meal of the day?


I do it 4-5 times a week with no problems, PWO shake and then a solid meal 9:00-10:00pm then I go to bed around 11:00pm. Assess how you feel in the morning. I’ve read that eating within 2 hours before you go to bed you’ll feel sluggish in the morning. I feel slugish but I’ve ALWAYS felt sluggish getting up in the morning.

PERSONALLY I don’t see it a big deal if you eat a solid meal after that shake. Just make it a meal that is within your cutting diet.

Thanks fuzzyapple. Some days I’m sluggish, some days I’m not. I’ve never linked the two before. I’ll experiment in the next few days.

Eat bro. The correlation between eating late and fat gain is a myth.

They neglect to say that people eating late are usually eating desserts and goodies and not quality nutrition. No shit they are getting fat.

My last meal is anywhere from 12am-1am. To be honest, I’ll be eating at 2am tonight. I was a little late cooking my chicken. I am currently successfully dropping fat eating like this.

I do similarly, training in the evening. I will note though that my ‘dinner’ is usually just P+F.


Thanks for the input guys. I usually also try to keep my last meal jus P+F, but sometimes end up eating some fruit. I am cutting down on that though.

If it’s your post workout meal and you’re trying to gain size including some carbs in that meal would be beneficial. If you’re worried about fat gain, you could try making it a P+C meal. Either way, what are your stats? Unless you have a serious amount of fat on you, eating a big post workout meal (despite the fact that it’s night time) is a must.

I’m 5’8, 195 at around 15%. My strength levels are not where I want to be and I want to continue to eat for strength and growth but I will be shirtless for an event on April 1st, so I kinda need to cut down a little. I’m doing cardio almost every weekday and I have noticed some leanness. I want to cut down to 185. Oh, I just switched to WS4SB, for playing sports in the summer and fall, with a few additional sets for arms and shoulder rehab.

I have a banana or apple with my PWO, or sweet potato with my meal if I have it at home. Other than that, I generally try to avoid carbs after my PWO shake.