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Question About Lagging Body Part


I currently have a week left of abbh II and whilst i have seen some good growth overall my upper chest is really lagging. To the point that the rest of my body almost over powers it looks wise. Since it took me so long to sort out the inbalance in my arms i want to catch this early. I have been planning on just running through chads programs from the spreadsheet that has been posted up on the forum a few times. But i was wondering if there is a specific program that may help or maybe the addition of some extra exercises which wont be a detriment to the programs.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I haven't tried it, but how about his 'booster shots' idea with incline DBs?

It would be easy to add it to your existing program. Or just add a few sets of them before your normal workout.


If I were you, I would rep[lace any chest move in his program with something that specifially targets the upper chest (I.E. incline barbell bench press to neck, low pully cross-overs)

The booster shot idea is a good one also.


Thanks guys i think im going to add incline DB press or incline BB to the benching chest day in abbh II. Would the bent over rows be fine for the pulling or should i add in an extra pulling movement to take in to account the added push.


  1. Are you bodybuilder?

If so, how strong is your back (in terms of size). If it's strong I wouldn't waste my energy. When specializing you generally reduce the volume for the rest of the bodyparts. However, if it's a weak bodypart I would throw in something else.

  1. Are you an athlete?

If so, then definitely throw in something else. You need to keep things in balance to perform optimally.


Athlete, i do trials riding. Anyone ever seen motorbike trials? going over obstacles etc on motorbikes well i do that except on a normal bike. The explosive power is what is needed the most.