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Question About Knee Pain

I recently started doing squats (which is why this post is in the beginner’s forum). My question is, after doing them for about two weeks, I’m still getting pain the following day in what I believe is the lateral miniscus (back/side of the knee, on the outside).

I’ve double/triple checked my form - knees aren’t going out in front of my toes, knees aren’t buckling, stance is just slightly wider than shoulders although I’ve tried wider/narrower, etc. I’m going ATG, and using a sufficiently light enough weight (which is pretty humbling).

So…will this go away? I’ve never really had pain from lifting, just soreness, so this is new. Are there any stretches that help? I’ve made sure to stretch before and after, but that hasn’t really alleviated anything. Thanks for your help.

Look into some dynamic warm ups for you legs. Also, try 5-10 minutes of nice low intensity cardio for a warm up. I like elliptical machines for this.

Also, you may want to look into front squatting. I have shit knees too, just like the rest of my family (hooray genetics), but front squatting seems to work a lot better to keep knee pain in check. So does warming up thoroughly.

ATG is obviously not good for you. No worries, mate. Going parallel will hit your quads, glutes and hammies fine.

Make sure you’re breaking at the hips and your shins stay completely vertical. Stick your ass back. Stop at parallel.

Since I changed to this, I’ve quit wrapping my knees, and my strength has gone up.

Thanks a lot both of you. I usually hit the bike or elliptical for 5 min. I check out the dynamic stretching, see if that might make a change.

It’s just hard to tell since I just started if it was a body-adjustment thing you get with new execises. From the responses, I guess not.

I’ll try dynamic stretching and only go to parallel, see if that fixes it. If no luck with that, I’ll switch to front squats and see if that does any better.

In the mean time, any stretches to alleviate the pain? It’ll go away in a day or two anyways, but sure don’t like being ginger for the weekend. =P