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Question about Kicking In


As a non user I often hear ppl talk about aas kicking in sometimes as an argument for longer cycles

Reading about receptors and hormones it doesnt make sense

If the hormone meets the receptor it does its thing, it cant wait to see if you're being serious

So kicking in may well be a build of blood levels but even with test e the levels builds quickly to a very high point after 2 or 3 jabs, that might be a few days not the 2 to 3 weeks I read about regarding kicking in

So is kicking in real or something of an illusion based in cumulative blood volume/water increase, a 'feeling' of being on, the point where you notice body and strength changes or have I missed something in terms of receptors, blood levels etc which really does support the notion of kicking in

Just interested, thanks


“kicking in” refers to when you start feeling it… strength increases, libido changes… etc.

test E starts elevating your testosterone quickly yes… but it takes a few jabs to consciously feel the effects in the weightroom


Thanks and it makes sense, I’d seen the kicking on thing being used as an argument for why very short cycles are useless and I was suspicious

I suppose short cycles might be a bit pointless for some but more because, say, two weeks gives (very roughly) a quarter of eight weeks rather than anything about needing to wait for aas to kick in as such


well there is a distinct increase in myostatin at 8 weeks which is part of the reason for the slingshot method of blasting and cruising