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Question about Injection Site.

K i never took roids before except for cell tech (haha jk). But anyways, my friend told me where ever you inject the roids in, like yer leg or ass cheek or what ever get’s more huge then the rest of your body? Is this true? Am I like suppost to inject the roids in a new spot every time for even distribution??

no. synthol. google it

the ongoing debate on spot injections, although im sure OP you dont know the half of what your friend is implying and neither does he.

Morepain you around? i remember him posting once about spot injections in his own personal case. any amount of oil will stretch the fascia to some degree, while AAS would not do anything near the degree of synthol, stretching those fibers over and over and allowing room for more growth has its benefits.

As much as it would be interesting to listen to a spot injection discussion…

Don’t feed him.

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