Question About Injection Site Being Red

Ok got a question I just injected into my tricep for the first time usually use delts and quads n that but doing tren and prop and got sick of doing it in the quads n delts. I injected about 1.5ml into my tricep with a 25 gauge 5/8 inch needle. I did this about 2 days ago and my tricep got swollen and there is like maybe a baseball size red spot around my tricep not so much the spot i injected just my tricep where it felt like the liquid dispursed maybe. Its hard its not squishy its just hard and there isnt a lump or anything just hurts like a normal injection would should i worry about infection or just probally that 1.5ml for the first time was a little bit too much and liquid hasnt dispursed fully i dont know. Its slightly warm around where its red but no fever no nothing like that any ideas?

1.5 mL of fluid into a tricep? Jesus…that is incredibly stupid

Go to a doctor?

My triceps are very large and everything i have read it says anywhere from 1ml to 1.5ml im just wondering if i should have used a larger needle possibly a half inch needle or an inch needle that it didnt get deep enough it was too shallow but im not sure. Its not swollen it looks normal besides it has a red circle around my tricep its not around the injection site itself though just around my tricep below the injection site. I just noticed it today it was very sore yesterday and today i did workout yesterday and hit shoulders n that kinda hurt it but its not swelling up it doesnt have a lump on it its just red