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Question About Inequial Hernia?


Hi, I've recently been having allot of pain in my abdominal and groin area from doing alot of core work. So i went to the doctor to be checked out for a hernia. He said i did not have one right now, but could very well develop one in the future.

I'll start at the beginning. I injured my back about two years ago squatting and had two bulging disc in my lower back. I've been trying to rehab my back so i can get back to lifting. I've been doing physical therapy for about 4 weeks now and that involved alot of core work. In the process it seems i strained something in my groin.

The doctor told me (apparently) that I'm not built for lifting and I should cut back on core work and pretty much stop lifting heavy thing. Although i haven't lifted in over a year in a half, that is my goal. Now i'd just like to get some opinions on this. He said i had weak inguinal rings. He said that its just how I'm built and the more i strengthen my core the more pressure that it puts on those rings and it gonna cause a Hernia.

This was really a bummer to hear because, i'm really trying to get my back better and this happens, not to mention the fact that he pretty much told me i should be on the shelf for the rest of my life. Anybody have any thoughts on my situation.


Why on earth are you listening to some dr. Listen, keep lifting as heavy as you like. If you ever do get a hernia, its a rather simple operation. They will put in a mesh, that will keep the hernia from ever returning. So, either way, your all set. There is no way he can tell anything about you having "weak inguinal rings" thats total bull shit. You most likely just pulled something. Either you have a hernia or you don't. there is no in between. So, stop listening to this idiot.


Hi buddy, Im suffering from lower abdominal and groin pain aswell. It has been 7 weeks for me, and although its getting better, I still feel it will need another 3-4 weeks before its healed. All of my doctors and physios were no good to me either. No real diagnoses or no real helpful advice.

Ive self diagnosed myself with a chronic adductor strain. Im just hoping its no hernia. Lots of rest and massage. Im also added the "yes/no" exercise at the gym 3 times a week. Very light, just to get blood in the groin area, as the area is known to have poor blood supply and thats why they take so long to heal.

On a side note; I saw the massage therapist today, and I requested for her to releasse my adductors. She kind of felt around for a bit and said "does this hurt" and "can you feel that". As soon as I thought she was making some progress it was over. I think I could do a better job with a baseball and my roller. Looks like I have to do everything myself... diagnosis, treatment, rehab... FFS.

Sorry for the long rant.



hernia worries preventing you from lifting is like cavities keeping me from eating chocolate cake

eat the cake