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Question About Increasing Weighted Dips/Pullups


Hi guys, currently, I can do about 15 pullups and 20 dips at my bodyweight of 155 pounds.

I put 22 pounds of rocks into a laptop bag and hung it around my neck. I can now do 7 pullups and 10 dips.

I plan to use the HIT method (etc pullup to failure x2 sets per day) till I reach 10, then add more weight to bring me back down to 6 reps, then repeat.

So, just wondering, ultimately how much weight will I be able to lift, while maintain at 6 reps? I've read somewhere that a guy able to perform 3 reps with an additional 40% of his body weight is considered very strong.



So... what about gaining more size than only 155 pounds, eh?


Why treat chinups differently than any other lift?

I can do that (almost 3 chinups with 110 pounds @ 200 pounds), and I'm not very strong. Get better at everything. That's the way to get strong. Not weighing 155 pounds also helps.


Let me look into my crystal ball. Oh, looks like you will ultimately worry about stupid stuff and not just concentrate on getting bigger and stronger.

Also, 65lbs.


There's this amazing new invention called a dip belt. You should look into it instead of hanging rocks around your neck.

In all seriousness, if this isn't a troll.....


eat and add rocks.


i dont understand what is going on in here.

is your overall goal to have really good pull up and dip numbers or...? if this is about building muscle, you might want to consider joining a gym.

  1. I'm 5'7 tall and have managed to gain 22 pounds over the last year, still working on it.

  2. I'm concentrating on getting stronger. Building muscles is just a great bonus. I incoporate handstand push
    ups and pistols etc into my workout as well

  3. In all seriousness, a dip belt and weights cost money, while a old laptop bag is free and rocks are just lying around in my backyard. I also do my pullups and dips at a playground near my place, and carrying a laptop bag/backpack beats lugging what looks like a harness with a big metal hunk attached to it.


If your main aim is to get stronger on pull-ups & dips going to failure on all your sets may well be counter-productive.

A rep or two shy of failure for multiple sets would likely yield better results.

Just find a rep/set range you like working with, such as 3 sets of 3 reps, 5x3, 5x5 etc & keep adding weight.


You sound like a crossfitter...they have their own forums, go find them.


Putting all of that weight around your neck is not a bright idea. You can really mess up your cervical spine doing this and honestly does the benefit outweigh the negative? Absolutely not, a strain or sprain to the cervical vertebrae can be incredibly painful.


This is true, so don't be an idiot, goodluck with the rocks etc (nice and simple) but at least strap it to your waist.

Also, look-up 'greasing the groove' method by pavel tsatsouline, I think you may like it. It really works at improving chinups.


I disagree. I did chins with 90 pounds around my 15 inch neck in high school and got on just fine.

Seriously OP, listen. Treat them like any other lift. You wouldn't try to get good at benching by going to failure twice a day with the same weight, why would you do it with chinups? Ramp up to a top set, vary weights and rep ranges, let them rest as much as they need then hit them again. Hell, I've used the 5/3/1 template on them with some success and now do something pretty similar.

A laptop bag full of rocks can be fine per se, but you'll want to be able to add more weight. I'd recommend joining a gym. If you don't want to do that, buy an olympic barbell, more weight than you can deadlift, 2 oly db handles and lift at home. Weights last forever and make it way easier to manipulate weight for chinups. They're also the answer if you want to be considered very strong.

Dip belts are nice. If you're too cheap, rope/chain and a carabiner works very well.

Also, read this: It will break some mental barriers concerning weighted chins.



A search of rossboxing.com would probably provide lots of ideas for DIY dip-belts for almost no cost. That guy is a legend


ehh a dip belt is like 20 bucks.

You're 'serious' about this, but 20 bucks for a piece of equipment you will use multiple times a week is too big a sacrifice?

Buy some equipment or find a gym man. Not saying it can't be done in other ways, but unless you have some very unusual financial circumstances you are just making it harder on yourself (not in a good way).


You can disagree but that doesn't make you right. Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it's a safe movement for the neck. That's like saying oh I smoked for 100 years of my life and didn't get lung cancer so neither will you. There will always be exceptions to the norm, and placing a weight that you continue to increase around your neck (constantly) will generally end up with some sort of injury. Unless you have studied the spine more than I have then I guess you can enlighten me on how this will not put an unnecessary strain on the cervical spine?


I dont believe you will have a whole lot of room for growth when your tools are your neck and some rocks. Structurally unsafe, and measurably weak and non-static.

Listen to those saying invest in a dip belt/gym membership. I bought my dip belt years ago, and still use it to this day.

Also, that whole "40%" stuff..bleh Imho. I can dip with an extra 115lbs on my belt. Technically thats over 40%, but i honestly considered it "Very strong" when i was dipping with 75lbs on my belt and i was sitting at 260, simply because of the '260' factor.


Thanks for the feedback guys. Especially for the rossboxing website, it showed how to make a dip belt. Guess I'll get right to it this weekend.

In the meantime, I'll use a backpack instead. So that the weight is spread across my shoulders.

I used the 'grease the groove' method, but it didnt work for me. What worked was HIT.

And to the guy who suggested I check out a crossfit forum, perhaps I'll seek some pointers there as well.


How do these random excursions to your local playground factor into your goals/program?