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Question About HRT

I have registered  a 305 on total test panels but my doc wont hear of giving me anything for it, I am 22 and this is killing me, I am depressed and have NO sex drive at all, my other bloodwork came back normal so I am pretty sure that the test is the prob.

Is there a reputable online clinic you know of that I can order from without having to do more bloodwork, can I just send them my current lab results??

do I self medicate and are there any dangers in that??


Oasis Longevity & Rejuvenation Institute


find a new, more open minded doctor.


Have you done any cycles in that past?


Last time I checked 305 was normal. Most men score in the lower part of the <> range. It therefore makes you no different than most guys who take the test.

It follows that a doc that would prescribe HRT for a 22 years old with no clear evidence of hypogonadism would go against most medical recommendation.

Higher than testosterone deficiency on the differential diagnosis list would be depression or even Seasonal Affective Disorder or maybe hypothyroidism if the change is rather recent.

Of course, it is possible that you used to have higher testosterone levels, but this is rather unlikely. Any recent life event that come to mind that could cause these problems (loss of libido and depression are rather common symptoms in any type of life stressor situation?)

In the end, your diagnosis is probably low on the list of differential diagnosis of your doctor and chances are...you are wrong.

Then again who knows,

Good Luck,


No, you don't want to go down that road. You need HRT that is integrated with your health care.

Here's what you do. Get yourself a new endocrinologist. Set up an appointment. Then start overtraining. I mean, really overtrain until your levels are on the floor. Have about four weeks of this under your belt by the time your new doctor orders tests to establish your levels. Be prepared to keep on in this fashion through your specialist ordering a follow-up test to confirm, or if you're lucky to titrate your dosage. Ask to have free T levels checked as well as serum levels.

With a little luck, they'll see some numbers they can't ignore. 300 ng/dL is piss-poor, especially at your age. In Europe you would be on HRT at this point.

Hey, you're not overtraining already are you?


Seek the advice of an endocrinologist or urologist that's up to speed in the area of HRT.

DO NOT self medicate.