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Question About High Estrogen During Puberty

I wasn’t 100% sure where to put this post, so I figured here may be the right place, unless I missed a hormone section or something. I apologize if I did.

Let me start off by saying I made a post a few months ago detailing my experiences with what I thought might be low T. However, upon receiving blood work from an independent lab, I was shown that it was actually excess estrogen. I was able to secure some aromasin to clear this up, and it was easily the best decision I’ve ever made.

Two weeks in, I can feel my appetite getting much bigger, I’m leaning out quite a bit (no more double shirting it to hide the man tits!), have way more energy, focus, drive, and I feel I can see gains coming in faster than before. The past two weeks have made my life unbelievably better, much better than the past 4 years in fact. I’m pretty happy with all this, but I began to wonder about the long term effects of having excess estrogen for so long.

I’m 18, and I know estrogen causes epiphyseal bone closure, and that testosterone is responsible for bone growth. I’m 5’6,and while I know I’m still growing, it’s at an extremely slow rate (Just recently hit 5’6, took almost 3 years to move up 3 inches, while all my friends were shooting up 5-6 inches during our high school years.) and while I know that they’re not 100% accurate, my doctor predicted me to be around 5’11.

However, being 18, I have what seems to be much smaller bones than others my age. My wrist is tiny, and my hands are even smaller, with extremely skinny fingers. This has me worried that perhaps I’ve stopped growing prematurely because of unchecked excess estrogen for an extended period of time during puberty.

Is this a possibility? Is it a possibility it was only delayed and the aromasin may fix it and put me on the track to “normal development”?

Giving me answer for this (for better or worse) would definitely help me put the “what ifs” at ease. Thanks in advance.