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Question About Hernia Surgery


Will probably be having surgery to fix a inguinal hernia very soon. I'll be getting the mesh on both sides most likely.

My question is for those who have any experience with this. Is this a super complicated surgery that i would really need to research my doctors for fear of it being done incorrectly or is this a procedure that is common and can be done right by most surgeons?

I just really wanna be able to get back to lifting after the recovery. The doc said i would be able to do everything that i was doing before except for Heavy squatting.


I've had 3 inguinal hernia repairs. All brought on by weightlifting and an obvious genetic predisposition. I wouldn't worry about a competent surgeon doing a simple repair, especially in the U.S.

However, from what you stated that he explained to you, this will be a walk in the park. I don't agree with that at all. Sitting up takes a few days, and you won't even want to lift for a few weeks. Your abdominal wall is flexed on every single heavy lift you do. It will take time to get back to the intensity level you are at currently.


Kenshin what's up bro I myself am going to have my ing hernia repaired after the first and spoke to my surgeon today and he recomends fixing my hernia by first repairing the tear with suiters (shouldice method) using the muscle that is torn and stitching it up then placing mesh over that to ensure a better outcome (no gar)but he has found this to be the best way to repair hernias in atheletes/lifters. Keep in touch let me know how it goes for ya we'll suffer together