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Question about Height


I am so short at 5'3" 13 years, meanwhile my single mom is at 6'1 33 years, and my oldest sister is 15 6'3" middle sister is 11 at 5'9" and my youngest sister is 8 at 5'6". They are all also heavier and more than double as strong as I am.my dad was 5'5" so that might be why.


I don’t really see a question but I’m going to assume you wish you were taller.

I guess it can happen, you’re still very young.


Well if your dad’s 5’5 and your mom’s 6’1 he obviously understands something you’ve yet to figure out; they’re all the same height lying down.


Your height and weight at age 13 say nothing about your adult height and weight. I was still 5’3 when I hit fifteen, then I grew another 8 inches over the next two years. Don’t worry about it.


you have an 8 year old sister who is 5’6 ???


How tall is your grandpa (your moms dad)?


How tall is the mailman?


[quote]Dr. Pangloss wrote:
How tall is the mailman?[/quote]

Everyone at the office is laughing at this comment


[quote]Dr. Pangloss wrote:
How tall is the mailman?[/quote]


You can always do the “Bobby Brady” and hang from the swingset in the yard.



[quote]Aero51 wrote:

[quote]Dr. Pangloss wrote:
How tall is the mailman?[/quote]

Everyone at the office is laughing at this comment[/quote]

That’s what Michael Jordan’s dad used to joke about bc MJ’s older brother was only 5’9 and both parents were average height.


What is your question.

I doubt you will remain 5’3".

I believe predicting height depending on parents is uncertain because it depends on lineage past that, just like with eye color. Keep in mind I am not an expert on genetics but this is what I believe because if I have it right, a gene expression can pop up anywhere along the line. For example, my fiancé is of average height and her parents are short and her body structure is very different as well. My Jewish cousin and his Dominican fiance both have brown eyes, and they have a blue eyed child. In several cases I have seen men who grew to be thicker and larger than their fathers.


Anthony Davis of the NBA grew something absurd like 9 inches from 15->19. Your height just entering puberty is probably a solid informer of your final height for most people, but with tall trees all around your family maybe you’ll be an exception.

I personally knew a kid that grew from like 5’5" to 6’2" over the course of high school, and since most men don’t stop growing until 19-21, he is probably even taller now. On the other hand I was 5’8 in middle school and one of the tallest kids in class photos and am not even 5’10 as a fully grown adult male.


Women reach their max height much earlier than men, maybe something to do with childbearing you probably don’t want to be growing a foot at the same time your able to have a kid. 13 and the next 5 years is prime growing time for a male.


You’ll definitely grow. How much? How quickly? When? I don’t know. Doesn’t really matter.

There are a lot of tall people in my family particularly on my maternal grandfather’s side of the family. When I was younger, people thought I was going to be like 6’5 lol. I was around 5’7 at your age. Only grew like an inch during high school then like two inches afterwards.

But I also grew in over areas. Body size, muscle mass, endowment, maturity, wisdom, aptitude, technical skills, earning power, and social acuity. A lot more will change than just your height.

Whatever you end up with, just roll with it. Your height is your height. Just make sure you have a good head on your shoulders and know how to make money and friends and how to dress. If you have all of that and your dick isn’t little, nobody gives a shit how tall you are.


wait did you just say that your 8 year old sister is 5’6"?
also, assuming that your a boy then don’t worry about it you’ll have plenty of time to grow taller your probably gonna end up couple inches taller than your parents or close to your mum’s height.


Jesus we have 13 year olds on here?

Good Lord what next.


When I was in elementary school, I was the biggest kid in class. In 5th grade, I weighed 145 pounds and was 5 foot tall.

I grew up before everyone else did, unfortunately it stopped.

Now I am an adult, and I’m only 5’4" and weigh 205