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Question About Heavy Weights & High Reps


for hypertrophy, everything i've ever read says "heavy weight, high reps". this may be a noob question but how do you guys do heavy weight high reps? say my max bench is 350. i can't do 325, give or take, 10 times. do people mean total reps in sets?...

example... using my 325 lb example..and say high reps is 30-35. do people do as many sets as it takes to get to 30-35?

can someone please explain "heavy weight, high reps". i appreciate your help, sorry if this is a dumb question


also, my confusion comes from this... if i am indeed supposed to do 325 as many sets as it takes to get to 35 reps... say 325 5 reps for 7 sets...isn't that strength training? heavy weight with low reps?




I think you're over-thinking this. If your 1rm is 350, then a high rep set for you would be your 10 rep max, say 80%. Which would obviously still be pretty heavy.

But also "heavy" normally means "heavy for the person" so it's really saying "don't pussy out with your weight selection, and always push yourself for more reps".


lol.. No, not total reps, it's reps per set.

If you can't do 325 for 10 then drop the weight to 300. Ten reps 25lbs shy of your max is a stretch.

High reps are typically anything about 10 reps. 35 reps is outrageous and if you're able to lift a weight for 35 reps then :
1) the weight is too light and..
2) you're really just working on muscular endurance, not hypertrophy.

For individual purposes heavy weight is not a number it's a feeling.. Don't calculate it using percentages of your max, just choose a weight you can barely lift for 10 reps and try to get 12 reps.

It should take you no more than 3 sets to complete those 35 reps.


For gods sake... lol

It just means go as heavy as you can for something like 10-15 repetitions. The HEAVY part means you're failing with a complete exhaustive effort to get in that rep range.


You know...when you have to explain what heavy means, maybe we have lost the war.


For the most part it means cheat. Some bodybuilders have turned it to meaning as heavy as you can for as many reps as you can, but this is not the case as you really can't do your max or close to your max for alot of Reps. You also want to not do it on the bench to much unless your with your football team and they are spotting you alot.

You can see an example with the "Kroc" Rows and tell people to do them heavy weight high reps. He wouldn't be able to do nearly the same amount of reps or weight if he did the technically correct.

It's believed that the heavyweight helps your body adjust to using and moving heavier weights. Which is why non athletes on this site always bitch about how football players have illegal depth and all that other b.s. on squats when they make there 500lbx10 rep claims. But those football players continue to do it because they need to move and run other 300 and 400lb players.

Add it as part of your arsenal but still learn how to do all movements correctly.


While on the freeway yesterday, I saw a sign that read, "Heavy volume - next 10 miles".

Just sayin'.