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Question about Gyno

Hi guys, quick question!
So im starting my first cycle in about a month of 500mg test for 12 weeks, so my main question is if i’m more prone to gyno due to already have been born with “pseudogyno”.

For those who do not know pseudogyno is a build up of fatty tissues behind the nipple, it does NOT contain glandular tissue.

So would glandular tissue be more prone to build where fatty tissue already exists, thus making me more prone?

Bump, if anyone knows anything it’d be great

Well the best way to get rid of psuedogyno is to lower body fat. I’d recommend doing this before you start your cycle, as the higher your body fat the higher your estrogen. The higher your estrogen the higher chance you have of gyno. AI should prevent this issue if dosed correctly, but I’d still lose any excess body fat. As long as there’s no actual tissue I don’t believe you are more or less prone to gyno.