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Question About Gyno. Letro Protocol?

I started a cycle about a two months ago and I have developed a little gyno. I thought I had some Adex from the same source that I got the gear from but I think it may have been bunk. The gyno isnt that bad, no one would notice it but it really bothers and worries me.

Has anyone run that Letro gyno protocal in the sticky’s? From what i understand it can completly crush your sex drive. I also hear that the dosages are too high. I have some letro on the way and will be looking to start it and try to reverse my gyno in a couple of days. If anyone has any advice or expeirence, please let me know what to expect

I got gyno during my last cycle and it cleared up within 2 weeks on PCT nolvadex. When it started up I started taking 1mg adex every day and slammed my estrogen, I felt really shitty and it wasn’t nearly as effective as the nolva.

See, thats why I think that Adex i got was bunk. I started taking one evryday too, when it flared up and I didnt feel any different. Now the gyno is bigger and I had to get into the clomid I had for pct to try and keep it from getting worse. I hope that Letro shows soon.