Question About Great Guns

In regards to the Great Guns in 12 Weeks program by Ian King. Do you do all the warmup sets for each exercise then move on to the worksets or do you do the warmup set for a given exercise then do the workset, then move onto the next exercise warmup set then the workset, etc?

I am doing this program as well and I do the warmup for the given exercise and then the workset. Then I move onto the next exercise and start the next warmup. Thats how I understand it.

BradS is exactly right!

How much weight do you use on your warmup sets compared to your work sets?

This program sounds interesting, my arms are lacking a bit. Where can I find it? I searched and couldn’t get it.

i got a work out. curl with a stretch band. lift 3 x of as many as you can do
i noticed gains the second day after i done this

I would say I use about 80% of my work set for the warmup. But I really concentrate on the workset. I got the impression that Ian King likes warmups to avoid injury and to rehearse the movement so I don’t use too much weight with it.

Great Guns is one of Ian King’s workout series and if you go to Article Library and then under Ian King you should find it. Its not 1 article though, its a 12 week program so there are a few phases.

How many sets do you do on your maintenance days?

I was thinking of doing squats one day and deadlifts/chin ups the other. As well as find a few more exercises to put in with each day.

How do these maintenance days look?

I’m doing two maintenance days for the Great Guns Phase 1 Workout.

Mon workout A
Wed Maintenance day 1
Fri workout B
Sat Maintenance day 2

Maintenance Day 1
Deadlifts 3 sets/10 reps
Chin-ups 3 sets/5 reps (added resistance)
Decline sit-ups 3 sets/30 reps

Maintenance Day 2
Squats 3 sets/10 reps
???not sure??? need help
Hanging Knee Raises 3 sets/5 reps (each set I switch sides, first set middle, 2nd set left side, 3rd set right side)

how does it look? can you give me a suggestion for the second exercise on maintenance day 2 as well as a set/rep scheme? thanks.

I don’t think everyone has clued in to the “Authors” feature of the article library.

It’s a fantastic feature, too bad it is so deeply buried.