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Question about Glycogen and Carb Loading


lets say ive been running on a low carb diet for 2 weeks, and on 1st day of the 3rd week and for the next 3 days i started carb loading, how much time will the body need to start storing all the glycogen into the liver and muscles ?



Depends on how depleted you are, how many carbs you're comsuming and how much muscle mass you're carrying.


Carb cycling requires experimentation. It's very individual.


wtf? so you have been ccarb loading for 4 days?


am 105 kg , ~13% bf , no idea how much muscle am carrying ,

on low carb days i run on 70 grams

on high carb days am running on 350 to 400




that.... is retarded


That's plenty. I'd suggest 100 grams on low carb days. Breakfast and post workout. Depending on when you workout. Breakfaast, pre and post workout.

I would lower your high carb days to 250 to 350.

Depends on what your goal is. If i did the math right you weigh 231 pounds? Depends on your what your training day looks like. At 13% bodyfat i could only assume you were looking to drop bodyfat and hold on to your muscle and maybe build more if possible?

How many off days do you have in a 7 day week?
What kinda carbs are you eating anyway? Theres a difference between white potatoes for breakfast and oatmeal.