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Question about Fruit Comsumption

I have these fruits that I usually throw in my blender for a post workout protein shake.

The question is should i always use these fruits simultaneously in all my shakes? Or is it best one day just use apples, the next day just oranges e.t.c.

Mixing it up should work well… However I would recommend you to take some faster absorbing carbs with your post-workout shake, and then rather eat some fruit in your post-workout meal.

Whey Isolate + Glucose or some starch should be good…

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Be a man: don’t drink fruity drinks

[quote]Nyral wrote:
Be a man: don’t drink fruity drinks[/quote]

yeah, drink some resberry Surge Recovery or fruit punch WOF or some orange Power Drive or some… oh wait.

there’s nothing wrong with fruity drinks (aside from at the bar) blending a whole bunch of fruit together is a great way to pack in the nutrients. over the summer i would always look forward to a nice big shake w/ fruit and lots on ice (and of course protein) after workouts.

edit: also, frozen mixed berries are your friend.

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