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Question about Free Testosterone


Hi guys, long time member here.

I recently had a blood test done to check my TSH, but I also had them check my testosterone levels. Since my DR couldn't really give me a good run down on the difference between total and free testosterone, I'm posting my #s here with some hope that someone here does know.

I am a 21 yr old male, about 190 lbs. Probably 18% bodyfat, I'm guessing. Maybe slightly lower.


Also here's my metabolic panel if anyone wants to take a look and tell me what I can work on/should do:

Sodium: 142
Potassium: 4.0
Chloride: 105
Total CO2: 32
Glucose: 86
Urea: 22
Nitrogen Creatinine: 1.2
GFR: >60
Calcium: 8.8

A slight problem:
My WBC was 3.7... which is severely low. Anyone know of ways to boost this count? From what I recall I was in relatively good health at that point in time... I'm a little worried because that's a number someone with leukemia might have.

TSH level was 2.02 if that matters to anyone.. Is it high? Low? This blood test result leaves a lot of unanswered questions - I was given zero information.

Thanks for those who take the time :slight_smile: