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Question about food combining and timing

Ok i’ve been reading and researching diets on T-mag and i’ve learnt about not combining C + F
i’m following John Beradi’s Don’t diet diet at the the moment with great results but i also read about temporal nturition too. The question i have is that On some days (most days of the week) I will get home very late. I can have a shake (50g C 25g P) but when I get home at around 10pm i dunno whether I should have a small P+F meal or a small P + C meal???
I usually got o bed at around 11 cos i have to be up and early for work

if I should have a P + C do i have one less P + C during the day and say instead of having a P + C second breakfast, shall I have P + F?

I’ve read the guest forum and couldnt really find the answer to my question apart from timbo saying that he doesnt care if you train before bed, eat a P + C
but i’m still confused whether this means have the P + F i’d eat at night during the day?

Thanks (hope the post wasn’t too confusing lol)

The answer depends on when you train.

So when do you lift?

General guidelines say you consume your PC meals as either your first meals of the day or as your post-workout meals.

PF meals fill the gaps.

well in the mornings i do my cardio and i lift in the evenings after work

should i switch it so cardio is later and lifting earlier or should i lift after cardio and then do my other training at evening (Kickboxing)

also you’re saying it doesnt matter when P+C meals are to be ate as long as they are equal to P+F and revolve around training?


Well, there are a lot of considerations:

1)Assuming you have normal body fat levels, you’ll need more carbs and calories in the diet to keep up with your exercise demands.

2)You train twice per day allowing for 2 optimal carbohydrate feeding periods.

3)I don’t know your individual dietary needs, training goals, etc.

With that, here is my suggestion:

  1. Eat 2 PC meals after each training session independant of when they occur (assuming you need 4 PC meals - normal body fat level, training hard)

  2. Fill all other food gaps with PF meals. 2-3 meals depending on calorie needs.