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Question About Foam Rolling

have had some hip imbalances for way to long, found out it is more or less weak glues and low abs and overactive “tight” hamstrings. so i scrapped everything and am going back to the basics glute bridges prone hip extensions and what not. i noticed when i do prone hip extensions my hamstrings cramp?

i guess youd call it which limits my glute activation. so i took my hamstrings to the foam roller figuring there would be all sorts of sore spots and i could help relax/inhibit them so the glutes could really take over at the hip but whenever i foam roll my hamstrings theres no “sore” spots. they to feel like they are holding a lot of tension when im foam rolling them but like i said no sore spots whatsoever, i feel like im screwing this foam rolling thing up or not doing it right or something. will foam rolling them help break up that “tension” and in turn help turn on my glutes more or is it a waste of time?

Foam rolling the hamstrings may help your general problem of tight hamstrings a little, but it won’t stop your hamstrings from cramping when doing glute bridges. In my understanding, hamstrings cramp during glute bridging because they are being recruited rather than the glutes to produce hip extension. Since they are already in a shortened position during the glute bridge, it produces cramping.

The problem is motor control…you need to learn to fire the glutes to produce hip extension without firing the hamstrings as well. Rather than trying to bring your hips up into extension, just focus on squeezing your glutes (as if you had something in between your cheeks you were trying to hold on to). Your hips will extend if you squeeze hard enough.