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Question about Fish Oil


I’d like to get some opinions and maybe testimonies from people who
use those oils. I have been using fish oil daily for many years. I recently
heard positive stuff about black currant seed oil and also evening primrose
oil. I’m not sure though if there are risks or side effects when taking
these oils.

I don’t really understand EPO (evening primrose oil). I did some research and some articles seemed to say that it reduces inflammation while others sounded as if it encourages inflammation by raising AA.
I also read stuff which said EPO is good against depression but I also read testimonies from people who said that it made their depression worse.

Someone also told me that it’s dangerous to supplement oils, even fish oil, without getting your fatty acids measured in the blood. But I can’t afford paying hundreds of dollars for fatty acid blood profiles. I don’t even know if this would make much sense. I mean I’m sure if you order such tests then they always find something abnormal. But then what do you do about it?

I just don’t know why taking some fish oil (2grams or so) daily could be bad. I mean I often eat so unhealthy stuff and also don’t count unhealthy fats then why should taking some healthy fats be so bad?

What’s your take on this? And is anyone here who takes EPO or black currant seed oil?

On youtube there are videos of a pretty good looking bodybuilder who swears on black currant seed oil and he said it helps losing fat. Not sure if this can be generalized but black currant seed oil also has a lot of interesting features which can be read about on pubmed which is why I’d like to take it.

No need to do fat analysis. For those with no identifiable EFA’s they simply need some.

The point is essential fatty acids. Most are not getting these in their diets. EFA’s are very important for brain function and cell wall function in general.

EPO can throw off a women’s cycles. So it might bugger up oral birth control as well. I do not recall ever seeing negatives for fish oils except for those who may have problems with their blood thinners.

Not all fish oils are the same in terms of the EFA fats VS normal fats.


I buy fish oil which is tested for purity. There are also much cheaper fish oils which you
can buy at every supermarket but I don’t know if they’re safe and tested for toxins.

The fish oil which I use contains 590mg EPA, 360mg DHA, 9 mg vitamine E per 3000mg (3 capsules).
I usually take 2 capsules every day.

Other than that I don’t get very many healthy fats which is why I thought about adding
EPO and black currant seed oil.

I mean I eat nuts every once in a while but not many and not daily. I tried pumpkin seeds but
they always give me stomach pain. I also bought olive oil and pumpkin seed oil but then I didn’t
really take them daily. For me simply swallowing a few capsules is easier and faster than having
to pour all kinds of different oils in a glass and then drink it.

Do you know if EPO is safe for men? I wondered what if this stuff acts like an estrogen?

Another thing which worries me a bit is wether GLA is good or not. I read stuff about EPO helping
against depression but also stuff about EPO making depression worse. I also don’t know if GLA
causes inflammation or reduces it. Basically both too much and too little inflammation can be bad which is
why I worry a bit about using oils as supplements and then maybe causing an imbalance.

Someone on another forum told me that fish oil is bad because it contains too much EPA and that nobody
should take any supplemental oils without getting his fatty acids measured in the blood. But these
tests are insanely expensive. This person seems to be totally into fatty acids and know a lot about it.

He also often refers to Patricia Kane. She seems to be specialized on fats. I really don’t know enough about fats to be able to tell what’s good and bad information. Recently I even stumbled across a site of a scientist who claimed fish oil is bad and becomes rancid in the body and that it also causes alzheimers.
I’m pretty confused about this whole stuff now.