Question about FIrst Cycle and wWeight

Hello everyone. I just started my very first cycle and had a questions about weight.

A little background I’m 5’11 and at the start of the cycle 2 weeks ago I was 224. Tomorrow will actually be the completion of the 2nd week.

I am taking Dbol 50mg for the first 30 days to kick things off.
600mg a week of Test C pin Mon and Thursday and 300mg a week of Deca pin Mon. Thursday.

after the first week I went from 224 to 236 in 7 days. This week seems things are adjusting and this week I am back down to 230.

I was just wondering if this is normal and just my body adjusting to changes ?
I should gain weight but just curious what I should expect.

I lift 5x a week Mon - chest, tues - back, weds -shoulders, thurs -Rest, Fri- arms, Sat - legs, Sun - Rest.

My diet consists of the following everyday

Meal 1.
4 eggs

Meal 2.
1 Greek Yogurt
1oz almonds

Meal 3
2-3 cups ground turkey with low fat cheese
2-cups broccoli
1/2 cup carrots

meal 4

IsoPure 20oz Green apple drink

Meal 5

6-8oz grilled chicken
1 cup cauliflower
2 cups salad with low fat oil/vinegar based dressing

meal 6

1 cup cantaloupe or fruit
2 scoops Speces Whey protein with water.