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Question about Finaplix Effect on Cattle


Hello, Finaplix-h is trenbolone acetate, normally it’s used for cattle but it’s very often used in bodybuilding. i’ve read than on cattle only 200mg of trenbolone was implanted(solid) in the ears of each cow, the release during 60 days, and the cattle take 20-25% of weight.
so then with only 200mg in 60 days, like 25mg/week 9 week it’s like you take 15kg of muscle.

the form of the implant is solid. so then where is the mistake?




I’m not sure what you are asking? Are you asking about the implants? They are pellets placed in the skin of the ear that dissolve over time. Trying to compare this weight gain to a human doesn’t work.


yes, i talk about the implants, what i don’t understand it’s why only 200mg in 60 days (dissolving very slowly cause it’s solid) permish to take 25% of weight in a cattle of 600lbs to 750lbs ?


you’re an idiot. I feel like you’re assuming that cows are the same as humans. As it turns out, cows are not humans.


Tren jumped the fence. Cattle did not.