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Question about Figure Competitor

Hello Coach,
I have been training my wife in getting ready for her first NPC show on March 20th. We believe everything has been going well except for a few things we need to tweak.
Her stats are as follows:
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 105 lbs

We are thinking about doing your water manipulation strategy on the final week. She eats very clean year round, she eats basically no carbs except for veggies everyday and Surge recovery on workout days. Her calories come mainly from protein and fats (to a lesser extent). She believes she doesn’t tolerate carbs well and blows up like a fish. Is it possible then to do the strategy when she doesn’t eat that many carbs already. She is willing to eat them for the final week to dry up though. Also, she’s already just 105 and I’m afraid she’ll go in even smaller if we do the water manipulation… Any ideas coach?

I understand a lot of the 105ers cut between 15 and 20 lbs… but she’s already a her weight. We don’t wanna screw this up Coach any help will be appreciated!

Coach? Any recomendations?

It would matter more on how cut she is already? Does she need to drop much water to look good for the competition? If not maybe you should seek a similar plan only scaled down so as to not drop more wweight than needed.