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Question about Fat Burners...


Is it worth it? I have done quite a bit of looking around and asking around but no one seems to give me a good solid answer. What I have heard though is that if you take it and get off of it, the fat usually comes back. But in my case, I have been eating pretty clean and exercising/lifting 5-6 days a week for the past year almost. I went from 215+ down to 180(weighed today) and in terms of strength I think I have gained a lot.

What are your feelings on fat burners and their effectiveness.


This questions has probably been asked and answered a hundred time.

The consensus seems to be that a good fat-loss supplement can speed your progress if you are already eating and training to stimulate fat loss.

As long as your caloric intake is appropriate, there's no reason why you'd gain fat after using such a product. The issue for most people, however, is that they go back to eating the same way that caused them to have too much fat in the first place.

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As long as they're not used as a crutch for a shitty diet and lack of a solid exercise plan (and assuming no major health risks), then yeah go for it.


They dont work! go have a black coffee with no sugar its gonna do about the same thing but with more antioxidents.