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Question About Failing


Hey guys, I’m kinda new into powerlifting(4months) and I have a question.
Everytime I go to the gym, I put +2,5kg on the Squat and do it for 3x5 (starting strenght).
On the 3rd set I think that I will fail because is getting to hard, but what happens is that when appears that I don’t have any more strenght my brain do somekind of Click and I just lift the thing really fast. This happens even more on the Bench.
It’s been 4 months and I didn’t had a single workout with a fail rep, when I started, I used 70% of my RM at the moment but what is happening is pretty weird.

Should I start to upgrade the weights faster, like 5kg peer train? It is normal to just find strenght from nowhere and just lift the daam bar?


Nope stick to what you’re doing, sounds like you’ve found a training sweet spot.

I’d also bet you’ll hit a wall almost immediately if do 5kg jumps