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Question about Expiration Dates on Biotest Supps

Sorry if this is a little bit of a dumb question but with times being what they are and what not I figured someone would have an opinion on what to do with some of the supplements I found in a box after moving into my new apartment.

A little background on myself so that people don’t jump down my throat about waste, I’ve been a loyal and dedicated T-member for as long as I can remember (I used to go to the local small supplement shop when I was a sophomore in high school and buy massive amounts of the 4-AD spray and the original MAG-10 when that first came out so I’m not a total noob) but around 2009 I went through a very dark time in my life and basically gave up lifting period. Now from time to time I knew I needed to stay in shape and would incentivize myself by getting different supplements, equipment, workout gear,etc to try and get my mind right. None of it helped. Recently everything changed I’ve been motivated and excited about getting back to where I once was. But my long drawn out question is are the bio test supplements I bought a bit ago still good even though they are passed the expiration date? (I could use a yes because thinking of wasting all that money would make me sick).

Here are the supps and the expiration dates:

  1. Surge Workout Fuel (unflavored) Best by 04/13
  2. Two bottles of MAG-10 anabolic pulse (unflavored) Best by 3/13

Any feedback would be appreciated and thanks for the help and taking time to read my post


You’re good. As long as they haven’t been stored in a footlocker outside a hut in the Mojave Desert, they should be fine. At worst, you might see some clumping of product.

Thank you, good lookin pit by the way…best dogs in the world. I’m so glad you have made the confusing world of supplementation science not hype keep it up.

Thanks, Jrock, much appreciated!

So any way to get a bump in my level!??? Quick question I used to get some of my pups from a guy in Denver has the whole state of Colorado gone towards breed specific legislation? BSL is the worst thing to happen since they banned 4-AD. Just kidding about the level but 100 would be way cooler haha. Hope you have a good night.

Last time I checked, it was just Denver. When I had a house there, I lived on the border between Littleton and Denver county. It turned out my Staffordshire BT was part of the ban and if discovered by police, would be put down. However, if merely walked to the other side of the street, he was legal. Weird. I ended up selling the house and moving to a place that didn’t have BSL.