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Question about Exercise Carryover


Hey guys I'm not really sure if this is a stupid question but I'll go for it anyways. Do you ever have an exercise that might not have carryover to one of the big 3 but it has carryover to ANOTHER exercise that has carryover to the big 3?

That probably sounds confusing so I'll give an example. Training my military press alone does jack shit for my bench press, but it makes my incline bench press go up. Then when my incline bench press goes up my bench press goes up. Sort of like indirect carryover?

I'm curious as to whether or not what I'm talking about is a legitimate strength training concept or a load of horse shit.

As always I appreciate your replies.


Rule of thumb: do whatever the fuck puts pounds on your total.



A load of horse shit. If one lift increases strength in another, and the increased lift then increases a third, you're probably just stronger over all, overthinking it, and probably in all honesty not that strong to begin with. In conclusion, shut up.


OP, what you describe makes sense to me. I'm not really sure what you're asking though. If it works, then do it.


OP, what you're describing is basically what Dave Tate refers to as "building a lift." Say you want a big deadlift, well one of the best conjugate lifts for the deadlift is the good morning, and some accessory lifts for the good morning include lower back raises. So you do lower back raises, your good morning goes up, you train a heavier good morning, and then your deadlift goes up.


You got me shivering bro.... take it easy. Your Alpha Male dominance has me on my knees. In fact, I think I'm going to quit lifting and take up knitting. Thanks a lot asshole.


Thanks! This is the kind of response I was hoping for. Much appreciated.


Easy there princess, no need to get your girdle all disheveled. Glad I could help.


How do you know it's not your military press that's assisting your bench? I agree with texican, complete horse shit.


Um , ya, what you're saying doesn't make any sense

This is what you just said -

A improves B
B improves C

But A does not improve C


save the hostility for the bodybuilding forums ladies...OP, don't worry about the detractors of this thread--one of them spends most of his precious time on this site in the SAMA and GAL forums, and the other is an 18 year old that barely puts 2 plates on the bench....

Dave Tate has talked about this extensively...you are getting a bit of carroyver from A-C but even more from A-B and B-C, so keep doing whatever it is you think is helping you....I know for a fact that doing conditioning does nothing for my 1 RM strength, but the ability to not get winded after 6 reps, and being able to do 10 instead, will increase my ability to move bigger weights....

So basically, don't listen to guys that are weak and type heavy on the keyboard


lol starting 2012 off with a bang


That is precisely what I'm saying. I'm glad you managed to figure it out! Now go get some sleep. I don't want you exerting yourself too much on my behalf.


Thanks for the positive reply! That is interesting about conditioning... I never really thought about it like that. I'll have to give that a shot!


Its not a stupid question at all. Like others have said, Dave Tate has talked about this many times.

VTBalla34 makes a good point about conditioning, I can say that I have experienced the same thing.


That was a really SOLID example


He was actually asking if it was a load of horse shit or not. Obviously some people think it is and some people think it isn't. I'm sure there are "strong people" who believe it's horse shit too. Now I know I'm not "strong" but I also don't think 445/250/460 is terrible for a 185 lbs 18 year old. It definitely could be better, but who's lifts couldn't be better? I never called the OP out or anything but personally believe it's making things too complicated.


If you consider that too complicated then don't ever think about programs like sheiko or westside. Your head will fucking explode.


Complicating things that don't need to be complicated=retarded

CS got it right. If you really want to believe that military press, assists incline press which then assists bench than more power to you. I think you're just overall getting stronger.

Neither Sheiko or Westside are "that" complicated. There's just no reason to change a program or start a different cycle if your current one is working.


I think its fairly obvious. Don't know why people are saying its bullshit

Exercise 1 uses muscles A-B, your weak point in that lift is B
Exercise 2 uses muscles B-C , increasing your strength in exercise 2 increases your strength in exercise 1, but your weak point is muscle C so you can't effectively work muscle B with the exercise.
Exercise 3 uses muscle C. Increase your strength in muscle C means you can more effectively perform exercise 2 strengthening muscle B making exercise 1 stronger.

Ill give an example, I know it obviously doesn't work this exactly in real life, but as I said its just an example.

Lets say the front squat is an upper back and quad strength exercise
You perform rows, chin ups or any other pulling exercise to build up your upper back strength, but your arm strength is lagging so you end up jerking your body to get the weight up and don't get any back involvement at all so you perform bicep iso work to get increase arm strength so you can row better.

Probably not the best example for the powerlifting section since it involves curls and front squats. Personally my bench goes up when my squat goes up, don't know why it just does, probably because it puts a bit of mass on my upper back. To get my squat up I perform lots of good mornings, RDLs and back hypers. I wouldn't say performing back hypers directly increased my bench.