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Question About Eurologist


I was diagnosed with low T and referred to a urologist. During todays visit he looked at my labs ( total t 180) and asked me to drop my pants so he could feel my testicles. He then spent good 30 seconds fondling them around and that's when I noticed he wasn't wearing gloves. Is that normal part of the exam?

I was given a prescription for testost cyp 200mg, and was told to inject 2CC every 3 weeks. The pharmacy gave me 1ml 29 gauge 1/2" syringes. Do I just inject this into my butt? The doctor did not demonstrate anything, I think I should go to a different one next time.


Send vid of exam.

If this post is not just a troll exercise, go find another dr NOW.


I don’t know if things have changed but I noticed that a nurse wasn’t wearing gloves when drawing blood on me. I didn’t notice til the end cause i am a wuss who can’t even catch a glimpse of a needle near me but I thought it was very strange.

Or was your question about the fondling of the nuts? If you were at a podiatrist I would say that was strange, but a urologist jiggles balls for a living so it is normal.