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Question About Eating

i dont understand why eating is so empahasized. i can understand that the body needs energy to build muscle, but if building muscle really required so much energy wouldnt it take it from the body fat we already have? isnt that what fat is for? if that were true then weightlifters would be very slim.

Body fat is fat. It can be converted to glucose for energy but it contains no nitrogen. Therefore, it cannot be used to build muscle. You require a steady influx of amino acids for your body to reach and maintain an anabolic state. Proper diet is emphasized around here because it is, in fact, the key to success. Eat.

It’s simple actually.

Your body wants to be as efficient as possible and by efficient I mean have the ability to survive on the food it has available.

Having a large amount of muscle mass is inefficient because it requires your body to use more energy / fuel to use those muscles.

So if your body is not getting a large amount of fuel it does not want to maintain a large amount of muscle mass. It would rather concentrate on keeping your vital organs well off with as little muscle as possible.

On the other hand if your body has a steady intake of energy / fuel for long periods of time, your body is more than happy to help you maintain a large muscle mass.

When it comes to body fat, your body wants to hold that as a reserve for as long as possible, in case of famine. You can thank evolution for that one. Yes some of that fat energy can be used to feed some muscle growth but the rule of thumb generally is:

Calorie deficit = fat loss and muscle loss. (The degree of both determined by your training and nutrition plan and genetics)

Calorie Surplus = Muscle gain and fat gain. (Again the degree of both determined by your training and nutrition plan and genetics)

I think your concern may be with gaining excess body fat while trying to put on muscle. Check out the following:

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