Question about Drop in Testosterone

Hey guys

Recently went to the Dr to check out some odd chronic nausea and GI issues I’ve been having and decided to throw in a T test for good measure

Well needless to say I am very disappointed with the results.

I’m a 23 year old male, sexually active, no decrease in appetite there… but I have been very lethargic and have almost no motivation whatsoever to go to the gym anymore, which is why I got it tested.

In June 9 of 2011 I had the same test done, and I score 580 ng/dl on the total testosterone row. I had the flu and severe allergies when I had that test taken. I was a mess.

Now, June 10 of 2013 I get tested again and scored a 350 ng/dl. Seems like a fairly large drop considering my diet has gotten better, I am no longer dealing with depression, and I actually get adequate sleep nowadays.

My doc says she wouldn’t worry as long as it is in the safe range, but I wanted to know what some of you thought.

Should I be pushing for trt/hrt?

It would be best to find an anti-aging clinic or hormone specialist. After reading the stickys here on the board. I would not be happy with those numbers and most good hormone doctors wouldn’t be either. However, there are many other factors to consider not just testosterone. Have the tests run and we help you better.

Read the advice for new guys sticky and post your labs, all including CBC and cholesterol and other data as suggested.

Your low T is probably a symptom, not the disease, so be open minded to all suggested causes in the sticky. Read carefully!!!

Do not start TRT until you have all of these:

  • TSH, fT3, fT4 - read the thyroid basics sticky, check body temps and eval iodine intake history
  • LH/FSH - very important
  • TT
  • FT
  • E2
  • fasting cholesterol, do not let a doc tell you that you are too young to have high cholesterol, the concern is that is might be too low!
  • fasting glucose
  • CBC

GI issues: That is major clue. May be the root of the problem or the path to find it. Need CBC, iron and ferritin to eval for possible GI bleed blood loss. If you are overweight and have heart burn …

Thanks KSman. I am going to hook up with an endocrinologist this week and get the missing labs done and I’ll be sure when I come back to post up in the proper format :slight_smile: