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Question About Drinking...


No... Its not "will drinking affect my gains?"

And my disclaimer: Yes, I'm 17. Yes, I'm underage. Yes, I know I shouldnt be drinking. No, I dont want to be lectured on it. I very rarely drink (somewhere around 3, 4 times a year.) And if you feel like lecturing me for underage drinking, you really need to learn something about Americas youth.

Anyway, my question is... When I was 16, I used to be able to drink (and i drank more often, more like once or twice a month) a fair amount of beer or liqour (I could hold around 8 beers or shots) But now, I've started slowing down a lot.

The other night I was at a halloween party and had about 4 shots of tequilla. Then the last night of summer (end of august) I was at a party and had about 6 beers.

Both nights, I ended up puking (not like passed out in the middle of the street, puking) but standing up and puking. The day after, (both times) I was puking about every half hour for about 6 hours until I had enough pepto bismol in me to stop a horse from shitting after eating beef-a-reeno (seinfeld).

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas what this could be from? Why I cant drink anymore (not that I want to anymore) but just curious. Anyone heard of anyone being able to used to drink but then getting sick after it?

I've never heard of anything like it. I'm on nexium for acid reflux, but I've been on it for a few years now (used to drink with it).

By the way, sorry for the stupid post.


I'm a bit of heavy drinker . . .I can't say I've ever got sick the day after, so I can't really help you there, but I will say that tequila does funny things to you.

I've found a lot of the issues I have with alcohol are based on how fast I'm drinking and what I'm drinking. My worst days after come from going heavy on red wine (don't do that), and after that, tequila. I can't give you anything sciency, but your body probably just isn't used to booze.


You are a drinking light-weight. If your body isn't used to alcohol you will feel some harsh affects. This is just my opinion but you should either quit drinking or figure out your limit and don't exceed it. I don't drink much but I have a descent alcohol tolerance. 12 beers and I'm pretty good. More than 15 and the next day I'll be constantly puking too.


This happened to me when I was maybe 16 or 17. I drank a fifth of whiskey one night, was far too drunk then what's good for the soul, and couldn't touch alcohol for four months. Even the smell of beer made me sick. NUmerous others have stories like this, where they drink too much of a certain thing and can never touch it again. Mostly it happens with a specific drink. But with me it was all alcohol. It goes away eventually. But don't push it or you'll be in bad shape.


You are just a light weight. If I were you I would try to not drink at all or very little. I mean you can't even really have a few beers as you will start to get drunk.


I wouldn't want to hazzard a guess as to why this is happening, but it's apparent that something has changed. You may be having an allergic reaction, or may have developed an interaction with your meds. Or your guts are just getting more sensitive. Oops, now I am making multiple guesses. Regardless, what I'd do, is next time, try 2 shots of tequila, or 3 beers, and then STOP drinking for the night. If you still have a violent reaction, then you got a problem with alcohol for sure. Otherwise, it may just be the quantity.

Good luck with your drinking career. :slightly_smiling:

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I quit my old drinking ways about a year ago and have only had perhaps 12-15 drinks this whole year combined.. . on occassions that Ive had maybe 3-4 drinks Ive not felt particularly drunk but still ended up feeling shit and sick later on. ..

Id venture to say even if your only drinking a few make sure you keep eating.. . half my problem was my body was used to eating every 2-3 hours and when drinking Im generally nowhere near food or even hungry but if I dont eat Ill feel pretty shit and start with stomach problems and stuff. ..