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Question about Diet Between my Friend and I

Both my friend and I train 6 days a week of lifting weights and cardio. More or less we do the same thing and the work rate is similar. The only thing is that I eat healthy and follow a good diet while on the other hand, my friend eats garbage. His diet is basically bread, cereal or fried bacon in the morning and fried food such as fries and chicken nuggets for lunch and dinner. His snacks are chocolate and/or sweets. The only good thing he has in his diet is the low fat milk he drinks + a few fruits. He’s most probably never eaten vegetables in his life.

I know I’ll be ahead of him eventually but my question is, by how much would it slow his progress down when it comes to fitness? We haven’t been training long so would he stop getting gains much sooner than I will?

P.S. I’ve tried to make and teach my friend to eat healthy or at least healthier but he’s almost incapable of eating any other food apart from the food he eats now due to the way he was raised.

I don’t think it would have a massive impact on his strength straight away, but I think it would have a fairly big impact on his muscle growth, which would eventually kill off strength gains anyway. It all depends on his activity level, body type, and protein intake. but it can’t be good to eat shit like that all the time. Keep on to him about healthy foods, as they benefit all parts of your health not just muscle and strength.

I would say it depends on whether the goals are strength based or physique based. If it’s the latter of the two then eating like that will catch up to him very quickly, if it hasn’t already.

If the goal is to get stronger, there is a decent chance that diet won’t slow him down at all (at least, as long as he is a beginner or intermediate lifter), as long as he’s getting enough protein. There are a lot of guys who eat tons of junk food in order to get their calories in because they have a hard time doing it with “clean foods”.

It’s mostly for strength gains and also he’s trying to improve his cardio. I know his cardio takes a major hit cause for someone his size he should be able to do a lot more than he should (back when we were kids playing rugby we were the same height but I weighed 75kg and he weighed around 55kg but I still lasted as much as he did).

But yeh, he’s 75kg now and I reckon he eats around 1500 calories, maybe 2000+ on some days but it’s mostly carbs and sugar from sweets. He gets probably around 50g of protein a day.

1500 calories? Jesus Christ. Buy that boy some steak.